One of values that our product offers is streamlined end-to-end digital services for our vendors which are trucking companies (we refer to them as transporters).

As stated on our  website, we want to notify our vendors through their mobile phones  (“Terima order di handphone” in Bahasa is translated into “Receive orders on mobile phone”) once we confirm that they receive an order.

Though we have our own mobile application and web platform, we would like to make sure that our users have flexible options to process orders. Since most of our users are active Whatsapp users, we want to integrate our system with Whatsapp.


Though we have already had an official Whatsapp named “Logisly - Allocation” which we use to inform our vendors about any open order, we want to notify our vendors about confirmed orders using a different Whatsapp number, “Logisly - Allocation 2”. The reason we separate them is because they require totally different actions from the users.

“Logisly - Allocation” is used to gather the price vendors offer while “Logisly - Allocation 2” is used to allocate truck to a particular order. The details about the truck will then be passed on to the real owner of the order which we refer as shipper (See beside. “Info nopol dalam 2 jam” in Bahasa translates to “Get a truck’s license plate in 2 hours”). Both Whatsapps are managed by our Allocation team.

Flow summary can be described as follow:
  1. Shipper creates an order
  2. Logisly informs the open order to transporter using Whatsapp “Logisly - Allocation”
    1. Transporter replies their offer by replying to the Whatsapp message
  3. If we agree with their offer, we will allocate the order to them, and they will receive a Whatsapp message from “Logisly - Allocation 2”
    1. Transporter can allocate their trucks for the order by replying to the Whatsapp message
    2. This information will then be passed on to the shipper